Haa random title,dont cha think??(:

Ohh dear. I just remembered that i had a blog,so i decided to take a look at it. Lots of things have changedd! Well for starters,i quit playing webkinz,and anyways my account expired like last month. And everything about blogging had changed. Its like a ghost town here on this blog,and mostly on anyone elses blogs. The summer of 2008 everything was great,everyone was getting along with each other,and everyone was still blogging. Nobody does this anymore! After like the beginning 2009 everything started going downhill.Which suckks. Bad. But anyways just wanted to tell the people who are still looking at this blog..if there is anyone..that im quitting. Sorry:( Its soo different now,and it doesnt feel the same as what it used to be. There even isnt anyone to chat on here with. Well i gtg,i have to go pack for camp which i am leaving this sunday,and i come back saturday,and then i have to pack for another camp which is on the next monday. And when i get back from that camp,i am going on vacation,and then school starts:( Soo as you could probably see,im jam packed for summerr. && yea.Goodbye wordpress,ill miss you<3

Take Care,




its been 2 months since i got on! i am so terribly sorry! also i hope you have a merry christmas and a happy 2o1o! and why i am saying this really early is because i am almost having my Christmas break,and im not going to get on for a while..probably intill January! :0 And no its not because i hate you guys(which i dont :p) its just i have been ubur busy with cheer,gymnastics,school,choir,church,dance,hip-hop,and of course my personal life! lol(: [and just think,thats what i do every week!] so yea i am sorry but remember i love you!<3

P.s: I havent gotten that many veiws…acually NO veiws!!! so please bring them up!!! please i mean come on its the holidays! (:


Ye s t e r d a y brought the beginning, t o m o r r o w brings the end, and somewhere in the m i d d l e we became the best of friends<333

Y O U know who you are:]

we have sleepovers like every week,can call each other at 4a.m to find out what outfit to wear the next day,tells every secret that we know in are lives.-and pinky swears not to tell-,has over 100,000,010 inside jokes:],and has been B E S T F R I E N D S since pre-school.

this is a shout out to my bestest friend ever that if i jump over a bridge and die,your doing it with me;]   me + you:]<3

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMGG.: ) | <3

ok i am so terribly sorry i havent posted in a WEEK.       wow. to me that feels like 5 years have passed..so i am sooo sorry! with like a cherry on top!! hehe. i am really bad at excuses.. : p

but anyways i have been extremely busy with school!

M A J O R  H O M E W O R K! ahhh! seriously! every day now it feels like i have had homework!! acually it feels like a homework monster attacked me and gave me homework poison and…

hehe i won’t go into that.. ;p

but i miss you guys!! i L O V E  you guys!! and i W I L L write and post things soon! pinky swear! : )

L O V E Y O U T O D E A T H< 3






ok, i have a question..

does anyone even come to my blog?? i mean i am posting stuff and everything almost every week and almost every day! i mean i remember there was like NO ONE coming,but that was when i barely even got on here,but now when i do,there is STILL no viewers? :/ ):

please please please comment on this post if there is a person that is reading this!! ):

: )

ok,well i still like webkinz(:

i was going to quit,but then i was like,uh noooo! i  have been doing it for 2 years and i am NOT stopping now! so YAY! (:

btw,as you might can tell i have changed the theme!! omg it is called misty look and i have been looking for it like forever!! lol!

ok so yeah that was a quick updatieee(: